Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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Our estate planning team serves clients with a range of estate planning needs - from the simplest to the most complex. In its most basic form, estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets in anticipation of death. Wills and trusts are the common instruments utilized to achieve estate planning goals. Estate planning may also involve current financial planning, combined with contingency planning for the time when a family member becomes incapacitated.

Asset Protection

Asset protection refers to the conscious effort to protect your assets in the face of potential creditor attack or future uncertainty. If done properly, asset protection is a smart legal planning strategy. If you purchase insurance, you already engage in a form of asset protection. Our attorneys will explore with you other legal tools that can be used to affirmatively shield your assets from potential court-awarded monetary judgments or other attacks.

Planning Opportunities

Wright Lindsey Jennings provides a wide range of estate planning and asset protection services, including wills, trusts, family-owned companies and family-limited partnerships. We start by reviewing a client's existing estate condition and discussing the objectives and needs of the individual client and/or family. Our team of experienced attorneys then works closely with the client to identify tax minimization techniques and, where appropriate, explores business succession and other issues concerning future asset management.

We can also provide you with advice concerning Medicaid eligibility, off-shore company or trust information, charitable trust, private foundations and inter vivos gifts.

Elder Law

In addition to estate planning, WLJ can assist clients with planning for incapacity issues, long-term care planning, and evaluating potential threats that could erode an estate. WLJ can provide guidance and assistance to aid in asset preservation through the employment of legal solutions, such as irrevocable trusts, special needs trusts, annuities and other tools and help with the management of life of clients and involved family members.


Our estate planning practice is bolstered by our thorough understanding of and familiarity with taxation. Wright Lindsey Jennings' experienced tax attorneys regularly advise business entities, individuals and tax-exempt organizations on taxation questions and matters related to taxation, such as business and individual tax planning and mergers and acquisitions (both taxable and non-taxable). In addition, charitable and tax-exempt entities, estate planning, estate and gift taxation, trust and probate are areas in which we have extensive experience. We can answer both state and federal tax questions relevant to Subchapter C and S corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, individuals, trusts, estates and tax exempt-entities.

We serve clients in state and federal tax audits and appeals as well as in tax litigation matters in state and federal court. Individuals in need of estate planning matters also utilize our knowledge of revocable and irrevocable life insurance and charitable trusts and in probate of decedents' estates. Other clients include a significant number of tax-exempt entities in the healthcare, religious and charitable sectors, whom we assist not only with routine questions concerning operations of tax-exempt entities but also in preparation of applications and documentation necessary to obtain a tax-exempt determination from the Internal Revenue Service. By tapping into the firm's expansive attorney groups, we collectively structure and document mergers, acquisitions, tax-exempt municipal bond financings and tax-deferred and non-recognition exchange transactions.

Long-Term Care Planning

We help our clients pursue alternatives to nursing homes but if a nursing home or other extensive care is necessary, we help alleviate the otherwise overwhelming burden of placing a loved one in a facility. We accomplish our client's goals by protecting our clients' life savings against catastrophic care costs.

Estate Planning

We are qualified in the use of wills and trusts and other estate planning tools. We achieve great comfort and success for our clients because we focus on the lifetime needs of our clients and then work that "lifetime plan" into how assets will be distributed upon death.

Special Needs Planning for the Disabled

In order for many disabled people to obtain health insurance and other assistance, they must qualify for Medicaid and other government programs based on financial need. We help our clients to legally protect assets so as to retain or obtain eligibility for these sometimes life-giving benefits. This planning also applies to our clients who wish to provide for a disabled heir in a will or a trust.


We seek ways for our clients to avoid guardianship proceedings but sometimes it is necessary for families to pursue guardianship when it is the only way to help an incompetent loved one. We have great experience in guardianship cases and can help our clients minimize costs and aggravation in these proceedings.

Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

We are dedicated to the efficient and safe administration of wills, trusts and estates. Through years of experience, our firm can provide efficiencies not easily found. Our goal is to settle estates as quickly as possible, with good economy, communication and diligence.

General Aging and Disability Advice

Sometimes the greatest service we bring to a client is our depth of experience and resources in aging and disability matters. A client may come in to our office for a specific legal issue such as a new Will, but that client often leaves with a feeling that the greatest value is the guidance and support which comes so naturally from each attorney and staff member.